Spanish News Sites

Oye chicos-

Here are a few websites I recommend for your articles.  You are not limited to using these websites, they are just a suggestion.  If you find one you really like and it is not in this list, please let me know and I can add it.  🙂

Podcast Links

Here are links to some interesting podcasts.  These links will open iTunes and allow you to subscribe to the podcasts.  I have them filtered by site and level.  Using these links is much easier than hunting for the podcasts in the iTunes store.  🙂

¡Qué se divierte!

UTexas Beginner Vodcast

UTexas Intermediate A Vodcast

UTexas Intermediate B Vodcast

UTexas Advanced A Vodcast

UTexas Advanced B Vodcast

UTexas Superior Vodcast

Notes in Spanish – Beginner

Notes in Spanish – Intermediate

Notes in Spanish – Advanced

Notes in Spanish – Gold